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TAKE-A-LOOK-Goldman Sachs faces fraud charges

 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has accused Goldman Sachs Group
Inc GS.N of fraud in the structuring and marketing of a debt product tied to
subprime mortgages. Following is a collection of related Reuters stories.
> Goldman earnings beat overshadowed by fraud probe            [ID:nN20251740]
> Ex-Goldman employee surfaces in SEC complaint                [ID:nN20115891]
> Goldman profit nearly doubles, tops expectations             [ID:nN19192189]
> Goldman ups commod trade risks as volatility falls           [ID:nN20116796]
> Goldman's top lawyer lays low but packs punch                [ID:nN19206521]
> U.S. lawmaker questions timing of SEC's Goldman case         [ID:nN20109537]
> UK joins Goldman fraud probe as heat builds                  [ID:nLDE63J0TP]
> SEC voted 3-2 to sue Goldman - sources                       [ID:nN20106337]
> Goldman CDS tighten - Phoenix                                [ID:nNYG003582]
> U.S. Democrats push for support for financial reform         [ID:nN20110894]
> Goldman's traders block out the noise                         [ID:nN2094257]
> Goldman compensation plan won't silence critics              [ID:nLDE63J1Y8]
> How Goldman Sachs fell out with the SEC                      [ID:nLDE63I1LX]
> Goldman toil, Chinese bubble, double trouble?                [ID:nLDE63I1L8]
> Goldman's CDO investors: Fools or victims?                   [ID:nLDE63I0G9]
> Time to tear down the wall around Goldman?                   [ID:nN20100367]
> Goldman CDO case could be tip of iceberg                     [ID:nN17137434]
> Goldman charges give lift to Lincoln U.S. swaps bill         [ID:nN16147491]
> U.S. SEC's new claws send shivers through Wall Street        [ID:nN16166684]
> DEALTALK-With Goldman charged, rivals smell blood            [ID:nTOE63J079]
> Don't bank on clients to punish Goldman                      [ID:nN19105968]
> Goldman traders have their day, again                        [ID:nN20251055]
> Goldman one among many in CDO business                       [ID:nLDE63J142]
> Comments on derivatives bill, SEC suit against Goldman       [ID:nN16128682]
> How Goldman's ABACUS deal worked, according to SEC complaint [ID:nN16122333]
> Goldman Charges May Not Help Financial Reform Pass
> Great Earnings, Bad Press: What's an Investment Bank to Do?
> UK Launches Goldman Sachs Fraud Probe
> Goldman Earnings Nearly Double
> Goldman Sachs -- The German Connection
> Goldman Conference Call
> Goldman Sachs earnings
> Goldman Sachs and Abacus
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