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Ex-Fed chair Volcker marries long-time assistant

NEW YORK, Feb 16 (Reuters) - Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, 82, took time out from his regulatory reform push to marry his long-time assistant, Anke Dening, late last week, his office said on Tuesday.

They were married on Thursday morning in a private ceremony in New York with a close friend, a judge, presiding. They then left for a short honeymoon in the U.S. Virgin Islands, returning late Monday.

Dening has worked for Volcker for over 20 years.

Volcker, a widower whose wife Barbara died in 1998, is the chairman of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Last month, Obama proposed a “Volcker Rule” that would bar banks from betting in financial markets with their own money, known as proprietary trading. It aims to prevent banks from taking risks that could jeopardize their stability and thus the financial system, such as occurred during the recent crisis. (Reporting by Kristina Cooke; Editing by Dan Grebler)