Trick play with Super Bowl spot

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - NBC has allowed an advertising agency to buy a 30-second commercial spot on the Super Bowl to be carved up by a variety of marketers.

A New York Giants player holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after his team's win over the New England Patriots in the NFL's Super Bowl XLII football game in Glendale, Arizona February 3, 2008. REUTERS/Shaun Best

The Los Angeles-based agency, Cesario Migliozzi, intends to pay the going rate, $3 million, and cut a commercial that pushes eight different products simultaneously, guaranteeing marketers that each of their logos will appear on screen the entire 30 seconds.

The scheme would mark the first time a co-operative spot is used during the Super Bowl, which this year attracted 98 million viewers in the United States.

NBC has more than half a dozen 30-second spots left to sell for the February 1 game. Cesario Migliozzi says it must sign a deal with eight marketers to shell out $395,000 apiece by January 6 in order to secure a spot and cut a buzzworthy commercial.

“It might involve tap-dancing gals and an accordion player, but we’re not revealing the exact creative,” partner Michael Migliozzi said.

It’s the sign of tough economic times, he said, that so many have expressed interest in the plan and that NBC has given it a green light.

Among those pitched so far are Virgin Mobile, Hard Rock Cafe, Facebook and JetBlue. They’re also hitting up some auto advertisers now that troubled General Motors has pulled out of the February 1 Super Bowl.

Advertisers are guaranteed category exclusivity within the spot, dubbed Super Bowl Glory. The agency will spend $160,000 to produce the commercial.

The agency will keep the commercial online for a year at and will produce an online-only cut with outtakes and such that it expects will be a viral Internet hit.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter