Oddly Enough

A tough act to swallow

SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian performance artist set a new Guinness World Record on Monday by simultaneously swallowing 18 swords, each nearly as long as two and a half rulers.

Chayne Hultgren, also known by his stage name The Space Cowboy, beat the record he had set in 2008 by swallowing the swords, each 72 cm (28.35 inches) long, at an outdoor event in central Sydney.

The 31-year-old said he started practicing with swords when he was 16 and has used different methods to perfect the art, including stretching his throat with hoses.

He said that while the stunt was not dangerous, he spent many hours training for it. “Wow, I did it, it feels good, thank you very much, it feels really good actually,” he said after setting the record.

Reporting by Reuters Television, editing by Miral Fahmy