Superman comic fetches record $1 million

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A very rare, first edition Superman comic book in top condition sold on Monday for a record $1 million in a public sale held by website

Owners of the website said the book, Action Comics #1, was first published in June 1938 and introduced the crime-fighting superhero to fans, describing how he was born on a different planet and came to Earth. It also introduces his alter ego Clark Kent’s love interest, Lois Lane.

Stephen Fishler, founder, said the comic is one of only around 100 in existence and that a scant two or three are in a similar unrestored, high-grade condition.

“If not this book, it may be 10 or 20 years before another one like it would be offered,” Fishler said.

Fishler said the book was last on the market 15 years ago when it fetched $150,000. The current buyer remained anonymous.

The $1 million is more than three times the previous record of $317,000 that ComicConnect fetched for a lower-grade Action Comics #1 book last year.

Back in 1938, the comic sold for 10 cents.

Editing by Jill Serjeant