Glen Campbell enlists Jakob Dylan, Paul Westerberg

Recording artist Glen Campbell is photographed at his home in Malibu, California on August 4, 2008. REUTERS/Phil McCarten

DETROIT (Billboard) - Glen Campbell is collaborating with Jakob Dylan, Chris Isaak, Paul Westerberg, Bob Pollard and others on “Ghost on the Canvas,” which is slated to be the veteran singer’s farewell album.

Producer Julian Raymond told that the album’s basic tracks have been recorded in Los Angeles, with orchestra sessions slated for April 2. Campbell is negotiating with several major labels to release the album, which will be supported with a farewell tour.

“It’s not your mother’s Glen Campbell,” Raymond said of the project. “He’s playing guitar better than ever, singing and writing better than ever. It’s really going to be a great final statement from him.”

Raymond said the 2008 covers collection “Meet Glen Campbell” was the impetus for “Ghost on the Canvas.”

“‘Meet Glen Campbell’ was a surprise,” said Raymond, who co-produced that set as well. “We thought it was the best way to get him a new audience, and it did. There was a huge amount of college downloads for that album.”

Meanwhile, Raymond said, “an unbelievable amount of people” wanted to be part of the current project, which will feature all original material. Westerberg wrote the title track, and other collaborators include members of the Dandy Warhols, guitarist Steve Hunter, former Prince cohort Wendy Melvoin and drummer Josh Freese. The album’s release date is pending a label deal.

Raymond said Campbell will tour in a different fashion for “Ghost on the Canvas” than he did for the previous album. He’ll book multiple theater and small hall shows in selected cities, then come in early for interviews and other promotion. “He won’t go too hard,” Raymond says, “but it will be strategic and a different way to get him out there than the night-after-night grind.”