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Strike leaves Dutch streets strewn with garbage

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch celebrated their national holiday Friday in streets strewn with garbage after trash collectors in major cities went on strike demanding higher wages.

The postcard-perfect canals and brick-lined streets of Amsterdam were not so picturesque on Queen’s Day, the annual holiday when citizens clad in bright orange, the national color, stream out on the streets to eat, drink and enjoy live music.

Second-hand goods are sold on sidewalks, with unsold items usually left out for collection by street sweepers, but on Friday there were bags of unsold goods, food wrappers and beer cans littering sidewalks and squares.

The strike is due to end Monday in most cities.

One resident who declined to give his name appeared to take it in his stride. “It looks like a regular Queen’s Day to me.”

Reporting by Reed Stevenson