Nokia unveils bicycle mobile charger

AMSTERDAM (Reuters Life!) - Dutch cyclists chatting on the mobile phones are an ubiquitous site in the bike-friendly city of Amsterdam and soon they will be able to charge their mobiles with bike power.

Nokia Oyj introduced a bicycle charger on Thursday aimed at developing countries with limited access to electricity, but the cellphone maker said the idea could catch on in Europe where cycling for work, shopping and errands is a common lifestyle.

“We are targeting the initial rollout in the developing markets, but we do, of course, see the potential outside of these countries,” said Nokia spokesman Leo McKay.

“In cities like Amsterdam for instance, where bicycles are probably the most common means of transportation, the supply of free, environmentally friendly power is pretty much limitless.”

The charger will go on sale for about 15 euros later this year, Nokia said.

Reporting by Reed Stevenson and Tarmo Virki; Editing by Michael Perry