Oddly Enough

Zoo finds missing tiger, camels

TORONTO (Reuters) - A Canadian zoo has recovered a Bengal tiger and a pair of camels that went missing last week after thieves made off with the truck and trailer in which they were traveling.

The animals were en route their home zoo in Bowmanville, Ontario, after a loan to a zoo in Eastern Canada. The driver of the vehicle had stopped for the night in the French-speaking province of Quebec.

“Everyone is home safe,” said Stefanie MacEwan, head zoo keeper at the Bowmanville Zoo on the outskirts of Toronto. “They were so happy to see us. We got camel slobber all over us from their kisses.”

She could not say how the animals -- a tiger named Jonas and Todd and Sean the camels -- were recovered.

Earlier, zoo authorities said the animals were stolen inadvertently by the car thieves.