Russian cargo docks with space station on 2nd try

MOSCOW (Reuters) - An unmanned Russian cargo ship docked successfully Sunday at the International Space Station (ISS) on its second attempt after missing it Friday due to a faulty radio link, a Russian space official said.

“The Progress cargo vessel docked at 2017 (12:17 a.m. EDT). Everything went smoothly,” Mission Control spokesman Valery Lyndin said.

The glitch Friday occurred minutes before docking and the Progress M-06M -- carrying 2.5 metric tons of cargo including fuel, food, water, equipment and spare parts for life-support gear -- floated past the station at a safe distance of about two miles.

The ship is the 38th Progress vehicle sent to the orbiting space station, a $100 billion project of 16 nations.

The station’s crew includes commander Alexander Skvortsov, Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Korniyenko and Fyodor Yurchikhin, and NASA astronauts Doug Wheelock, Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Shannon Walker.

Reporting by Dmitry Zhdannikov, editing by Michael Roddy