Snowe: No decision on U.S. financial reg reform vote

LISBON FALLS, Maine (Reuters) - Maine Senator Olympia Snowe said on Saturday she has not decided which way to vote on crucial financial reform legislation, with the most important thing being “to get it right.”

Snowe is one of two moderate Republicans in the U.S. Senate whose vote is seen as critical to passing the bill.

“It’s a big issue, and the most important thing is to make sure we get it right,” Snowe told Reuters when asked if recent changes to the legislation had secured her support.

“I’m still looking at it -- it’s this big,” Snowe said of the bill, holding her hands about six inches apart as she marched in the annual Moxie Festival parade in Lisbon Falls, Maine, which celebrates the state’s official soft drink.

Snowe, along with Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, are thought likely to support the sweeping bill after a plan to impose a $19 billion tax on large banks and hedge funds was scrapped by Democrats at Brown’s urging.

Snowe voted for an earlier version of the bill passed by the Senate in May.

A final Senate vote is possible next week. Democrats need 60 votes to overcome any Republican maneuvers to block the bill.

Reporting by Sarah Mahoney in Lisbon Falls, writing by Ros Krasny; Editing by Doina Chiacu