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Giuliani's daughter may have theft charge dropped

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A judge agreed to dismiss a shoplifting charge against the daughter of New York City’s former tough-on-crime mayor Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday if she completes one day of community service.

A Manhattan judge adjourned Caroline Giuliani’s case with the expectation that the case will be dismissed and sealed following the completion of community service, prosecutors said.

Giuliani, 21, was arrested on August 4 for attempting to pilfer $100 worth of cosmetics from a Sephora store in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office will determine what community service Giuliani is to perform.

Giuliani must also avoid legal trouble for six months and return to court on November 4 to see if she has complied, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office said.

The judge’s decision was typical for cases against first-time offenders accused of stealing small amounts, the spokeswoman said.

Reporting by Bernd Debusmann Jr.; Editing by Daniel Trotta and Vicki Allen