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Bike bomb kills 8 in Afghan north, official says

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A bomb hidden on a motorcycle killed at least eight civilians and wounded 18 in Afghanistan’s north on Saturday, a district official said, the third attack across Afghanistan in the past 24 hours.

District chief Ayub Haqyar said the attack had apparently targeted an Arbaki, or local militia, leader in the Emam Sehab district of northern Kunduz, a province which has become a springboard for insurgent attacks in the past year.

Haqyar said the Arbaki commander was among the dead. He said the bomb had gone off in a crowded market and could have been detonated remotely.

Reporting by Fraidoon Elham in KUNDUZ and Hamid Shalizi in KABUL; Editing by Paul Tait