Space to Succeed: Poll Shows That Collaboration and Workspace Are Linked to Employee Happiness

Think more vacation time and free gym memberships are the keys to employee satisfaction?

Think again.

WeWork -- a global network which provides more than 320,000 members around the world with workspace, community, and services -- has a front-row seat and unique insight into how the behavior of businesses and their employees is evolving. Across the world, employees from companies of all sizes are increasingly demanding more flexibility and engagement with respect to their workplace. At the same time, companies of all sizes are understanding the impact workspace can have on employee performance.

WeWork recently partnered with global market research firm Ipsos to take a deeper look at these trends. The results reveal that most of us care more than ever about connecting with others inside and outside of our company, being part of a collaborative team, and working in spaces that energize us.

The poll, conducted in October 2018, reveals quite a bit about this changing workforce, including that satisfaction is often linked directly to collaboration. In the U.S. and Europe, the poll found that 52 percent of satisfied workers collaborate with five or more people in their offices on any given day, and rank “opportunities to work on a collaborative team” as the best way to give their careers a boost.

When U.S. workers were asked what would make them more satisfied with their current job environment, the top responses focused on workspace and amenities, such as better facilities and work areas, more space and privacy, clean workspaces, and safety and security -- outweighing other incentives and benefits, such as better pay, more flexible hours, stronger management, and more vacation time.

And, interestingly, satisfied employees were found to use a variety of spaces, such as common areas, dining areas, and phone booths, 30 percent more than those who report being dissatisfied at work.

Explore this infographic to learn more about the details of what today’s workforce wants when it comes to collaboration, office amenities, and work environments.

The Ipsos poll, conducted on behalf of WeWork, surveyed 4,112 workers ages 18 and older across the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany between Oct. 3 and Oct. 5, 2018. The poll was conducted through the Ipsos Online Panel System, and its precision was measured using a credibility interval. For this poll, the credibility interval for the United States was plus or minus 3.3 percentage points. For France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, the credibility interval was 3.5 percentage points.

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