Key Swiss party urges UBS-US tax deal referendum

ZURICH, June 16 (Reuters) - Switzerland's biggest party, the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP), called again for parliament to back a referendum on a Swiss-U.S. tax deal crucial to the future of UBS UBSN.VXUBS.N, potentially delaying a final parliamentary decision until Thursday.

“With a treaty we would be changing an existing law and in such cases it is about the direct democracy,” said SVP lower house faction chief Caspar Baader in a parliament debate.

“When in doubt, it should be the people who have the final say, not the experts and that is why we are calling on you to follow the majority and support the referendum,” Baader said.

The upper house has already voted against a referendum and an approval by the lower house would send the whole treaty into yet another round of parliamentary discussions as both houses have to agree.