IFR US ECM Calendar

NEW YORK, Jan 8 (IFR) -


Intra-Cellular Therapies (US, biotech) – $295m FO. 10m shares (100% prim) at $29.50 versus $31.00 last sale and $30.62 launch. JPM, SVBL, EVER.

New York Mortgage Trust (US, mortgage REIT) – $182.7m FO. 30m shares (100% prim) at $6.09 fixed versus $6.24 last sale. MS, JPM, UBS.

PNM Resources (US, regulated utility) – $260.7m Block. 5.37m shares (100% prim via forward sale) at $48.50 versus $48.20-$48.95 marketing and $49.20 last sale. CITI, BOFA, WF, EVER. Upsized from 4.9m shares.

Seaspine (US, medtech) – $85m ABB. 6.8m shares (100% prim) at $12.50 versus $12.00-$12.50 marketing and $13.04 last sale. PS, CANA. Upsized from $75m.


January 8: Apellis Pharmaceuticals  (US, biotech) – $271.1m. 7m shares (100% prim) versus $38.73 at launch. CITI, JPM, EVER. 

January 8: Mirum Pharmaceuticals (US, biotech) – $55m FO. 2.4m shares (100% prim) versus $23.03 launch. CITI, EVER, GUGG.

January 9: Luckin Coffee (China, food and retail) – $421.3m FO. 12m ADSs (60% prim, 40% sec) versus $35.11 at launch. CS, MS, CICC, HAIT.

January 9: Luckin Coffee (China, food and retail) – $400m 5y cvt talked at 0.5%-1%, up 27.5%-32.5%. CS, MS, CICC, HAIT.

January 9: Palomar  (US, P&C insurance) – $250.2m FO. 5m shares (15% prim, 85% sec) versus $50.04 last sale. BARC, JPM, KBW.

January 16: I-MAB (Cayman Islands/China, biotech) – $111.1m IPO. 7.4m ADSs (100% prim) at $12-$15. JEFF, CICC. Nasdaq “IMAB”. Insider IOIs for up to $48m, including $15m from C-Bridge Investment Thirteen. Separate concurrent $37m placement to former partner Everest Medicines.

January 16: Velocity Financial (US, real estate finance) – $116m IPO. 7.25m shares (100% prim) at $14-$16. WF, CITI, JMP.

Early February: Petrobras (Brazil, oil & gas) – $5.9bn FO. 734m shares (100% sec) versus R$31.99 at file ($15.99 per ADS). CS, BAML, BRAD, BDB, CITI, GS, MS, XP. Hearing launching Jan 22. Each ADS represents two common shares. Selling shareholder is Brazilian government-owned development bank BNDES.