IFR US ECM Calendar


ADMA Biologics (US, biotech) - $82.3m ABB. 23.5m shares (100% prim) at $3.50 versus $3.50-$3.75 marketing and $4.00 last sale. MS, JEFF. Upsized from $75m.

Afya (Brazil medical education) – $341.7m FO. 12.43m shares (24% prim, 76% sec) at $27.50 versus $28.01 last sale and$30.14 at launch. BOFA, UBS, GS, ITAU, BTG, CS, JPM, MS. Upsized from 11.52m shares.

NexPoint Real Estate Finance (US, commercial mortgage REIT) – $95m IPO. 5m shares (100% prim) at $19.00 versus $19-$21 marketing. RJ, KBW, RWB.

OneWater Marine (US, boat retailer) – $55.4m IPO. 4.62m shares (100% prim) at $12 versus $12-$14 marketing. RJ, BAIRD, SUNT. Failed to price 10/19, refiled 1/6.

Professional Holding (US, bank) – $57.4m IPO. 3.1m shares (100% prim) at $18.50 versus $19-$21 marketing. STPH, KBW.

Rapt Therapeutics (US, biotech) – $75m FO. 2.5m shares (100% prim) at $30.00 versus $32.00 last sale and $42.36 launch. BMO, WF, UBS, CANT. Upsized from 2m shares.

Smart Global Holdings (US, semiconductors) - $220m 6y cvt talked at fixed 2.25%, up 27.5%. MS, BARC, DB.


Day-to-day: Avadim Health (US, healthcare cosmetics) – $80m IPO. 5m shares (100% prim) at $14-$16. RJ, SUNT.

February 10: CITIC Capital Acquisition (Cayman Islands/China, SPAC) – $200m IPO. 20m units (100% prim) at $10.00 apiece, structured as one share and half of a warrant. CS.

February 10: Moura Dubeux (Brazil, real estate) – R$972.8m/$232.5m IPO. 51.2m shares (100% prim) at R$17-$19. ITAU, CS, BRAD, BDB, CAIXA.

February 11: Cogna Educação (Brazil, education) – R$2bn/$475m FO. 172.1m shares (100% prim) versus R$11.62 at launch. ITAU, BTGP, MS, BRAD, CS, JPM, SANT.

February 12: Revolution Medicines (US, biotech) – $160m IPO. 10m shares (100% prim) at $14-$16. JPM, COWN, SVBL, GUGG.

February 13: Priner Servicos Industriais (industrial maintenance/engineering) – R$199.9m/$53.7m IPO. 17.4m shares (100% prim) at R$10-$13. XP.


Warner Music (US, music entertainment) – $100m IPO. Terms TBD (100% sec). MS, CS, GS. (Reporting by Robert Sherwood)