Countrywide comments on its "strong" funding liquidity and financial condition

Co commented on the continuing adequacy of its funding liquidity and the strength of its financial condition. "Countrywide has longstanding and time-tested funding liquidity contingency planning," said Eric Sieracki, CFO. "These planning protocols were designed to encompass a wide variety of conditions, including recent secondary market volatility. Our liquidity planning proved highly effective earlier during 2007 when market concerns first arose about subprime lending, and remains so today. We place major emphasis on the adequacy, reliability and diversity of our funding sources.

It is important to note that short-term liquidity is used exclusively to fund our highest credit quality, most liquid assets

. Our mortgage company has significant short-term funding liquidity cushions and is supplemented by the ample liquidity sources of our bank," Sieracki continued. "In fact,

we have almost $50 billion of highly-reliable short-term funding liquidity available as a cushion today. It is important to note that the Company has experienced no disruption in financing its ongoing daily operations, including placement of commercial paper

. Countrywide's financial condition remains strong, as evidenced by over $14 billion of net worth, significant excess capital and our strong investment grade credit ratings," Sieracki concluded. "Two independent credit rating agencies, Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's Rating Service, this week re-affirmed their ratings and stable outlook for Countrywide, its bank and its mortgage company."