Movie Review: Force 2

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REUTERS - In Abhinay Deo’s sequel to the 2011 film “Force”, John Abraham returns as angry, beefy cop Yash who is out to catch a mole working for the Chinese. Packed with action shorn of cliched romance and full of breathless chase sequences though the cobbled streets of Budapest in Hungary, “Force 2” could have passed the action film test with flying colours if not for that pesky thing called storyline.

Writers Jasmeet Reen and Parveez Sheikh seem too pre-occupied with championing the rights of spies and wondering why the government doesn’t acknowledge them to bother injecting some logic into the film.

Yash’s close friend, an agent for RAW (India’s external intelligence agency) is killed after a mole tips off Chinese authorities. Determined to avenge his friend’s death, Yash reluctantly teams up with Karanjeet Kaur aka KK (Sonakshi Sinha), a RAW officer who is leading the investigation to find out who the mole is.

In the world of “Force 2”, far-off Budapest is the hotbed of an espionage war between India and China, Hindi dance numbers are all the rage in Hungarian dance clubs, and Indian spies are so averse to asking for help that they would rather see their mission fail than ask for backup.

What works for the film is that the pace doesn’t falter - Yash and KK are always chasing the bad guy and hunting for the next clue, which makes it easier to ignore the gaping holes in the plot and focus on John Abraham’s action moves.

Deo borrows heavily from the Bourne and Mission Impossible franchises and doesn’t go overboard with jingoism, which is a big point in his favour. Abraham is required to flex his muscles to the point where it looks like his veins might burst and mouth minimal dialogue, a task he seems to have perfected over the years. Sonakshi Sinha seems completely out of place as an upstart agent, bumbling her way through the action sequences and never mustering enough spunk to bring KK to life.