Yahoo news to tilt to a lilt

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Yahoo Inc. is hoping a quirky take on the news will strike a chord as its next original programing effort.

The Web giant confirmed Wednesday that it will launch a video project before the end of this quarter that will feature a journalist-cum-crooner who will sing the news.

While a Yahoo spokesman declined to elaborate on the project, which will be titled “Odd News Underground,” he did issue a statement from Scott Moore, head of news and information.

“This project will create an entirely new kind of news beat, so stay tuned,” Moore said. “All I can say for now is that this reporter will leave you tapping your feet.”

The singing anchor is the first venture from Yahoo News since the last year’s launch of “The Hot Zone With Kevin Sites,” which chronicles the correspondent’s travels to war-torn areas around the globe. It also is one of the few programing initiatives Yahoo! has mounted since a December reorganization that led to the departures of key content executives.

Yahoo declined to identify the warbler/wag, but sources said the performer is not an unknown and has experience as a reporter and musician. The venture is expected to be on the lighter side, so ditties about Iraq aren’t to be expected.

Since mid-2006, Yahoo has downscaled its programing ambitions and launched only a few, modest ventures. The company has put considerably more emphasis on incorporating user-generated content like a new food-oriented section that features an original program, “Cheap ‘n’ Easy.”

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter