Australian teen faces police damages bill over party

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - An Australian teenager who hosted a wild party after 500 guests saw his Internet invitation may be hit with a A$20,000 (US$18,000) damages bill from police who fought partygoers when they tried to break up the bash.

Corey Delaney, 16, decided to throw a party while his parents were on holidays. He posted a notice on his MySpace site about the party and 500 people turned up to his suburban home in Melbourne on Saturday.

Up to 30 police, as well as the police dog squad, were called to end the party but were confronted by hundreds of teenagers, some throwing beer bottles at police cars and damaging property.

Victorian state Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said on Tuesday that police were investigating whether to send Delaney a damages bill.

“I’m very unhappy about it, watching police officers treated in that fashion,” Nixon told local media.

“That young man invited hundreds of people to his house, not responsible at all in any way, 500 people turned up and caused great harm to the community, a great deal of expense to Victoria Police,” she said.

“I think he needs to learn a lesson and one way or another, we’ll do that.”

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Asked by local television on Tuesday whether he had advice for other teenagers throwing parties, Delaney said: “Get me to do it for you. Best party ever, that’s what everyone’s saying.”

Delaney said he knew he had invited a lot of people but could not remember how the party started.

“I was just off my head,” said Delaney, who has happily fronted the media wearing a ski jacket, no shirt, cap and bright yellow sunglasses.


Reporting by Michael Perry, Editing by Gillian Murdoch