FACTBOX-Top iron ore exporters, importers

Jan 27 (Reuters) - China, the world's biggest steel
producer and consumer, buys around 60 percent of global iron ore
exports and mainly from Australia and Brazil.	
    China is also the world's biggest iron ore producer,
although the low iron content of its domestic ore makes it
heavily reliant on imports, and a key driver of spot prices.	
    Iron ore is China's biggest commodity import by volume.	
    Following are the world's top five iron ore exporters and
importers as well as producers: 	
    EXPORTERS                      2011	
    1. Australia              414 mln tonnes	
    2. Brazil                 324 mln tonnes	
    3. India                   87 mln tonnes	
    4. South Africa            52 mln tonnes	
    5. Canada                  35 mln tonnes	
    World exports             1.071 bln tonnes	
    1. China                  642 mln tonnes	
    2. European Union         145 mln tonnes                 	
    3. Japan                  133 mln tonnes	
    4. South Korea             57 mln tonnes	
    5. Taiwan                  16 mln tonnes	
    World imports             1.071 bln tonnes    	
    1. China                  1.2 bln tonnes	
    2. Australia              480 mln tonnes	
    3. Brazil                 390 mln tonnes	
    4. India                  240 mln tonnes	
    5. Russia                 100 mln tonnes	
    World output              2.8 bln tonnes	
    PRODUCERS (by company)	
    1. Vale                   310 mln tonnes	
    2. Rio Tinto              245 mln tonnes	
    3. BHP Billiton           159 mln tonnes (year to June 2012)	
    4. Fortescue Metals Group  55 mln tonnes	
    5. ArcelorMittal           54 mln tonnes	
    Sources: U.S. Geological Survey, Australian Bureau of
Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences and company
    Most of the figures are estimates by the agencies and
 (Compiled by Manolo Serapio Jr.; editing by Miral Fahmy)