Israeli venture investor OurCrowd reaches $1 bln in fundraising

JERUSALEM, March 7 (Reuters) - OurCrowd, a global investment platform and one of Israel’s top venture investors, said on Thursday it reached $1 billion in fundraising.

OurCrowd said at the outset of its 2019 Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem that over the past six years it raised funds for 170 companies and 18 funds.

Of that, 29 of them have achieved exit, 11 of them in 2018 including Corephotonics’ acquisition by Samsung, Jump Bikes’ acquisition by Uber and BriefCam’s acquisition by Canon.

Last year it invested in 24 companies in areas such as cybersecurity for connected vehicles, radio therapy for cancer tumours, plant-based meat substitute and protection against financial fraud.

OurCrowd’s network consists of 30,000 registered investors from more than 150 countries. (Reporting by Steven Scheer; Editing by Tova Cohen)