Japan govt signs off on energy policy keeping source targets unchanged

    TOKYO, July 3 (Reuters) - Japan approved an updated basic
energy policy on Tuesday, leaving its ideal mix of power sources
for 2030 in line with targets set three years ago, despite
criticism it places too much emphasis on unpopular nuclear
    The government signed off on the plan at a Cabinet meeting
earlier on Tuesday after a public comment period, the Ministry
of Economy, Trade and Industry said in a statement. The final
version differs little from a draft that was released in May.
    The following table lists Japan's power mix ratio targets
for 2030 
  Power source       Pct
    Geothermal   1.0-1.1
       Biomass   3.7-4.6
          Wind       1.7
         Solar         7
         Hydro   8.8-9.2
       Nuclear     20-22
           LNG        27
           Oil         3
          Coal        26
         Total       100
    Following is a breakdown of Japan's electricity power mix
goals for the 2030/31 fiscal year in comparison with the actual
mix in 2010/11 and 2016/17.

                   2010     2016       2030
     Renewable   10 pct   15 pct  22-24 pct
       Nuclear   25 pct    2 pct  22-20 pct
  Fossil fuels   65 pct   83 pct     56 pct

 (Reporting by Osamu Tsukimori; Writing by Aaron Sheldrick;
Editing by Christian Schmollinger)