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FACTBOX-Earthquake aid for China

(Adds Taiwan and French contributions)

May 14 (Reuters) - The deadliest earthquake to hit China in three decades has killed nearly 15,000 people and the toll is likely to rise sharply as tens of thousands more remain buried under debris.

Here is a rough list of aid pledges for quake victims in the southwestern province of Sichuan from Chinese and overseas donors:


Government, corporate and individual donations in the Greater China area number hundreds of millions of dollars.

- Mainland China: The Ministry of Civil Affairs said 877 million yuan ($125.4 million) had been donated by the Chinese public.

The country's most popular sportsman and Houston Rockets centre Yao Ming gave $214,000 and half a million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China.

- Hong Kong: The government in the former British colony has pledged to give HK$300 million ($38 million). The Hong Kong Jockey Club has offered 30 million yuan ($4.29 million).

- Macau: 100 million yuan ($14.3 million) from the government and 10 million yuan from the Macau Foundation.

- Taiwan: The outgoing government of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) announced the self-ruled island Beijing claims as its own would give a total of T$2 billion ($66 million), more than the $50 million it donated to nations hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

Of the aid, T$800 million will be paid by the government in the form of cash and food and the rest will be raised from civil servants and the public.

President-elect Ma Ying-jeou, of the China-friendly KMT party and who takes office on Tuesday, has personally donated T$200,000 ($6,450).

Taiwan companies and entrepreneurs have pledged nearly 300 million yuan. Formosa Plastics Group alone has offered 100 million yuan, while top electronics maker Hon Hai (Foxconn Technology Group) plans to give 60 million yuan.

From Thursday, the island will also fly chartered aircraft to Sichuan to ship material provided by charity groups.

- Multinational firms in China have also announced large amounts of donations.


- United States: $500,000 as an "initial contribution" in response to an appeal for aid by the International Red Cross. Additional funding will be considered.

- Japan: $4.8 million in cash and goods to be disbursed through the Chinese government and international organisations. Tokyo says it is ready to offer further assistance if required.

- Russia: A transport plane carrying 30 tonnes of relief material arrived in Sichuan's provincial capital Chengdu on Wednesday, becoming the first batch of international aid to reach China.

Another 100 tonnes of goods will arrive on three flights in the coming days.

- France: To send later this week a cargo plane loaded with tents, sleeping bags, blankets, tarpaulins, cooking kits and other materials worth an estimated 250,000 euros.

- South Korea: Roughly $1 million in aid to China. Seoul also plans to send rescue workers.

- Thailand: $500,000.

- Singapore: $200,000.


- The International Olympic Committee: $1 million.

- Oxfam: $1.55 million for emergency relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Sources: Reuters, Chinese media, Taiwan media, Hong Kong media, Oxfam website. ($1 = 6.991 Yuan) (Compiled by Guo Shipeng; Editing by Nick Macfie and David Fogarty)