ETA claims responsibility for 4 bombings in Spain

MADRID, May 9 (Reuters) - Basque separatist rebels ETA claimed responsibility for four bomb attacks over the past two months in a communique received by Basque nationalist newspaper Gara on Friday.

The rebels, who have killed more than 800 people in 4 decades of armed struggle for independence for the Basque Country in northern Spain and southwestern France, said they were behind the attacks on two offices run by Spain's governing Socialists and two television transmission stations.

No one was hurt in the blasts, which had already been blamed on ETA by the authorities. The last fatal attack the rebels claimed was the assassination of a former local politician on March 7, two days before a Spanish national election.

In Friday's communique, ETA referred to the recent arrest of mayor of the town of Arrasate for links to the rebels and accused the government of "displaying its neofascist essence without any attempt at concealment," Gara said. (Reporting by Jason Webb)