Serbian tailor to make world's biggest trousers

BELGRADE (Reuters Life!) - A Serbian tailor plans to create the biggest trousers in the world in which 100 men would fit, Belgrade daily Politika reported on Wednesday.

“I’ll beat three records at once. My plan is that 50 men can fit in each leg of the pants,” said Milorad Birac from a northeastern village near the border with Romania. He said he would make the trousers in only one day.

Birac, 38, explained he would sew the national men’s garb, large long trousers made of white linen that are specific to Serbia’s northern area of Banat.

“I’ve always wanted to be something special,” Birac said. “I’m expecting to get a reply from the Guinness (World Record) office in London any day now.”

Birac, an expert in making the national garb, is using work legends, old people stories and documents to guide his work.

“It’s not easy to make Serbian national dresses. Silver thread on a female garb from Kosovo is several kilometers long and every stitch is done by hand,” he told Politika.

Traditional Banat trousers used to carry symbols significant to the family of each customer.

Reporting by Ljilja Cvekic, Editing by Paul Casciato