New York tops list of world's fashion cities

NEW YORK, July 18 (Reuters Life!) - New York was on Wednesday named as the world’s top fashion city for the fourth consecutive year, according to a survey by a U.S.-based language use group.

A woman looks in the window of the Fendi store in New York, February 15, 2007. New York was on Wednesday named as the world's top fashion city for the fourth consecutive year, according to a survey by a U.S.-based language use group. REUTERS/Keith Bedford

The Global Language Monitor, a non-profit group that tracks words and phrases in the media, on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere, compiles an annual list of the top fashion cities.

New York ousted Paris as the leader in the list four years ago, leaving the French capital jostling with London, Rome, and Milan for the other top positions in the list.

This year, Rome beat out the others for second place with Paris coming in third position, followed by Milan and London. Hong Kong was rated the top fashion city in South Asia, coming in 8th position overall.

Other notable rankings included Shanghai at number 14, Sydney and Melbourne at numbers 12 and 15 respectively, and the fashion quartet of South America -- Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Palo, and Buenos Aires.

Krakow, one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland, made it to No. 25, apparently because of its emerging status as a centre of neo-Bohemian influence.

“The ranking is surprising in a number of ways, most of which relate to the changing nature of the global fashion industry,” Millie Payack, a director of the Global Language Monitor, said in a statement.

“Cities that recently would have been considered fashion backwaters - or worse - are now emerging as significant regional hubs.”

Following is the list of the top 25 fashion cities:

1.New York

2 Rome

3 Paris

4 London

5 Milan

6 Tokyo

7 Los Angeles

8 Hong Kong

9 Las Vegas

10 Singapore

11 Berlin

12 Sydney

13 Barcelona

14 Shanghai

15 Melbourne

16 Moscow

17 Bangkok

18 Mumbai

19 Santiago

20 Rio de Janeiro

21 Sao Paolo

22 Buenos Aires

23 Johannesburg

24 Dubai

25 Krakow

California-based Global Language Monitor said it analyses and catalogues the latest trends in word usage and word choices and their impact on the various aspects of culture.