Egypt to open "bent" pyramid to the public

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt will open its “bent” pyramid to the public within months, followed by two other pyramids within a year, Egypt’s chief archaeologist said on Monday.

At present, tourists can see the pyramids but are not allowed to enter them.

The “bent” pyramid, so named because of its sloping upper half, was built around 4,600 years ago by the pharaoh Snefru. It is believed concerns over the structure’s stability led to the change in the slope halfway through construction.

“The bent pyramid, maybe within one month or two, will be open for the first time to the public,” Zahi Hawass told reporters, announcing a $3-million community development project for the area.

“The Amenemhat III and Sesostris II pyramids will be opened within one year from now.”

Both the Amenemhat III pyramid, known as the black pyramid, and the Sesostris II pyramid are in an advanced state of decay and have lost much of their pyramid shape.

Reporting by Sara A. Topol; Editing by Janet Lawrence