Erotic Review owner: "Women can't write about sex"

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Women are not passionate enough about sex and concentrate too much on feelings to be able to write raunchy stories, the new owner of Britain’s Erotic Review said on Monday.

Dancers perform during a fetish fashion event titled "Night of The Body", organized by Libido M&J, in Tokyo June 7, 2009. REUTERS/Issei Kato

Determined not to let the magazine be “drowned in estrogen,” she said she would have almost exclusively male writers as they knew a lot more about sex.

“I think women, too many of them, whether it’s nature or nurture or politics, they’re not straightforward about sex,” Kate Copstick told Reuters.

“It’s almost like writing about food ... Ladies who lunch, should not really write about food because they don’t really love food. They don’t salivate at the thought of a great steak.”

A former writer for the magazine, she bought the publication in May from its original founder, Jamie Maclean, after it ran into financial difficulties.

She said she loved sex so could write about it in the “scratch and itch burst of endorphins” style in which it should be written.

The magazine, which critics have described as middle-class porn, re-launches with its 100th issue this month, and includes an article on Japan’s “Festival of the Steel Penis.”

Copstick, a 48-year-old former journalist and author of several instructional books about sex, said it would have a new style which would include more poetry, comment and picture spreads, as well as the erotic fiction she said most women were so bad at writing.

Her decision to favor male writers has not escaped criticism.

Kathy Lette, a former writer for the review, speaking on BBC Radio 4 on Monday, said a third of women were not achieving orgasm which showed men still had a lot to learn, with women well placed to teach them.

Editing by Steve Addison