Just a Minute With: Audrina Patridge on "Sorority Row"

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood actress Audrina Patridge became a U.S. television personality when she landed on MTV’s hit reality series “The Hills.”

Actress Audrina Patridge poses on the red carpet during the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto June 21, 2009. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

But she hopes to become a movie actress and plays the victim of a prank in horror film “Sorority Row,” which debuts in U.S. theaters on Friday.

Patridge is also working on her own reality TV series for MTV. The series, which has yet to have a name or air date, will follow her personal and professional life.

Patridge talked with Reuters about sororities, her new movie and how her new show will be different from “The Hills.”

Q: Do you think of yourself as a sorority girl?

A: “I’ve never thought of myself as a sorority girl. I don’t think I could ever be in a sorority house or live with like six girls. I would go crazy.”

Q: Why?

A: “From watching other sorority movies and from my friends’ experience, it’s all competitive and cattiness. I mean, aside from being loyal and sisters and being there for each other, that’s the good part. But then of course there’s always the downside ... The only sorority that I can see myself in is this movie.”

Q: How was the change from reality TV to acting on the big screen for “Sorority Row”?

A: “It’s like day and night. I mean, aside from there being cameras, it’s totally different. It’s not even comparable. I mean, on the movie you have a script, you have all your lines that you have to memorize, get into character. There’s a lot of waiting around. And you know, you’ll be filming for like weeks straight or months straight on movies, whereas with reality (TV), like, I’ll show up for a lunch scene and be there for two hours and that’s it. So it’s very different.”

Q: Which do you like better?

A: “I love movies. I love acting. I love the scripts. The whole waiting around, you know, that just comes along with it. It’s much more challenging and that’s what I like.”

Q: Tell me about your new series.

A: “My new show. Well, as soon as we’re done filming these bonus episodes for “The Hills,” then I segue into the new show with (producer) Mark Burnett and I’m also going to be producing on it. So I’ll have more of a voice and a creative part of the show -- what we should and shouldn’t film and what’s more interesting and what’s not interesting. It’s about my life and relationships, friendships, Hollywood, acting, you know, events, what goes on behind closed doors.”

Q: Will you do anything different from “The Hills”?

A: “It’s going to be real. “The Hills” is a reality show but it’s going to be more ... The tone will be a little different ... We’re still all in the process of, you know, jotting down what we want, what we don’t want, who we want to work with, getting the cast -- not the cast -- getting all the crew together, like, you know, we need a story-runner. We need a director. We need everything.”

Q: Is it going to follow your love life?

A: “My love life, yes. Cory (Bohan) will be in the show and my love life will definitely be on the show because it’s part of my life.”

Q: Are we going to see you in another movie soon?

A: “I’m actually reading three scripts right now and I go and audition for them soon.”

Reporting by Laura Isensee, editing by Patricia Reaney