Cutting the ice: lawnmowers race on frozen Finnish lake

(Reuters) - Through the half-light of a bitter winter’s day into the dead of the Nordic night, lawnmower racers from around Europe battled for 12 hours in a race that tested their endurance of the cold as well as their driving skills on ice.

Held on the frozen Lake Karhijarvi, some 250 kilometers (155 miles) northwest of the capital Helsinki, on Saturday, the drivers skidded their noisy ride-on machines around an 850-metre (930-yard) course.

“You have to understand what it is to drive on something that is slippery, you have to understand how snow works, when you drive on the snow how it affects the tyres,” race organizer Kari Nikrus said.

“And there (are) different kinds of snow, when it’s cold it doesn’t stick the same way as when it’s warmer, and you just have a gut feeling how ... to drive on it.”

Race participants came from Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Estonia and Finland.

Writing By Reuters Television; Editing by Robin Pomeroy