The fastest toddler in Lithuania lured across finish line by jangling keys

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VILNIUS (Reuters) - It took 11 seconds for 10-month-old Kamilis Dambrauskas to crawl five meters of plush carpet towards victory on Wednesday in an annual competition to crown Lithuania’s fastest toddler.

Dambrauskas was the fastest among 25 toddlers, whose mothers lured them towards the finish line by flashing items ranging from television remote controls and mobile phones to milk bottles, red balloons, plush animal toys and a cat’s feeding bowl full of cat food pellets.

“We trained a lot at home. We looked for what he reacts to best, and decided to use jangling keys to lure him”, Irena, mother of the winner, said.

Several toddlers lost ground following early leads after sitting down near the finish line to look around. Some babies, startled by the crowd commotion around them, did not crawl across the starting line.

Reporting By Andrius Sytas; Editing by Anna Ringstrom, Larry King