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DIARY-Canada corporate earnings week ahead

    Feb 23 (Reuters) - Diary of Canada (.GSPTSE) corporate earnings for the week ahead
 Start Date    Start       RIC        Company                      Event Name
 26-Feb-2018   BMO         BEI_u.TO   Boardwalk Real Estate        Q4 2017 Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust
                                      Investment Trust             Earnings Release
 26-Feb-2018   AMC         PSK.TO     PrairieSky Royalty Ltd       Q4 2017 PrairieSky Royalty Ltd Earnings Release
 26-Feb-2018   AMC         RBA.TO     Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers    Q4 2017 Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Inc Earnings
                                      Inc                          Release
 27-Feb-2018   BMO         BNS.TO     Bank of Nova Scotia          Q1 2018 Bank of Nova Scotia Earnings Release
 27-Feb-2018   BMO         BMO.TO     Bank of Montreal             Q1 2018 Bank of Montreal Earnings Release
 27-Feb-2018   AMC         CAR_u.TO   Canadian Apartment           Q4 2017 Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate
                                      Properties Real Estate       Investment Trust Earnings Release
                                      Investment Trust             
 27-Feb-2018   AMC         NVU_u.TO   Northview Apartment REIT     Q4 2017 Northview Apartment REIT Earnings Release
 28-Feb-2018   BMO         NA.TO      National Bank of Canada      Q1 2018 National Bank of Canada Earnings Release
 28-Feb-2018   BMO         LB.TO      Laurentian Bank of Canada    Q1 2018 Laurentian Bank of Canada Earnings Release
 28-Feb-2018   BMO         VRX.TO     Valeant Pharmaceuticals      Q4 2017 Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc
                                      International Inc            Earnings Release
 28-Feb-2018   AMC         PEY.TO     Peyto Exploration &          Q4 2017 Peyto Exploration & Development Corp
                                      Development Corp             Earnings Release
 28-Feb-2018   AMC         EXE.TO     Extendicare Inc              Q4 2017 Extendicare Inc Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   11:30       TD.TO      Toronto-Dominion Bank        Q1 2018 Toronto-Dominion Bank Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   BMO         ALA.TO     AltaGas Ltd                  Q4 2017 AltaGas Ltd Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   BMO         CPG.TO     Crescent Point Energy Corp   Q4 2017 Crescent Point Energy Corp Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   BMO         TCLa.TO    Transcontinental Inc         Q1 2018 Transcontinental Inc Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   BMO         HSE.TO     Husky Energy Inc             Q4 2017 Husky Energy Inc Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   BMO         CNQ.TO     Canadian Natural Resources   Q4 2017 Canadian Natural Resources Ltd Earnings
                                      Ltd                          Release
 01-Mar-2018   BMO         VET.TO     Vermilion Energy Inc         Q4 2017 Vermilion Energy Inc Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   AMC         TA.TO      TransAlta Corp               Q4 2017 TransAlta Corp Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   AMC         AQN.TO     Algonquin Power & Utilities  Q4 2017 Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp Earnings
                                      Corp                         Release
 01-Mar-2018   AMC         GRT_u.TO   Granite Real Estate          Q4 2017 Granite Real Estate Investment Trust
                                      Investment Trust             Earnings Release
 01-Mar-2018   AMC         AX_u.TO    Artis Real Estate            Q4 2017 Artis Real Estate Investment Trust Earnings
                                      Investment Trust             Release
 02-Mar-2018   11:00       WN.TO      George Weston Ltd            Q4 2017 George Weston Ltd Earnings Release
 02-Mar-2018   12:00       BLX.TO     Boralex Inc                  Q4 2017 Boralex Inc Earnings Release

** All times are listed in AMC - 'After market close', or BMO - 'Before market opens', or DBH - 'During business
hours', or NTS - 'No time scheduled'

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