MEDIA-Kremlin aide says Russian mining firms "need to share" - Vedomosti

MOSCOW, Aug 10 (Reuters) -

* Kremlin economic aide Andrei Belousov, whose proposal to raise 500 billion roubles ($7.5 billion) a year from metal and mining firms is to be considered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the companies “need to share”, according to Vedomosti newspaper.

* “It is sensible to create a mechanism permitting the extraction from commodities exporters of a part of their additional revenues, which they are receiving as a result of the weakening rouble... and growth of global prices on their products,” Vedomosti cited Belousov as saying.

* The mechanism is needed in order to share the tax burden fairly, Belousov is quoted as saying. With the raising of value-added tax and tax manoeuvre in the oil sector, everyone is bearing the burden apart from metal and mining companies, Vedomosti writes, citing Belousov. -- Source link: ( -- Note: Reuters has not verified this story and does not vouch for its accuracy. (Reporting by Moscow newsroom)