VIDEO: Gazans stream into Egypt

Jan. 23 - Thousands of Palestinians flood into Egypt to stock up on life's essentials after militants destroyed parts of a border wall.

Egyptian border guards didn't intervene. Palestinian police from Gaza's ruling Hamas group also stood by - watching the surge but doing nothing to stop it. It comes after days of protests by Gaza Palestinians angered by Israel's blockade of the impoverished territory since Friday. Residents in Rafah say members of Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees were among the gunmen who blew up the wall. Hamas officials deny involvement - but say it was impossible to prevent.

Susan Flory reports.


Abdel Ilhaleem Abu Ilkhair, saying: (Arabic)

"We are feeling so happy, this is a happiness for all the Islamists worldwide and a victory for them - God willing."

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, saying: (Arabic)

"What happened

(at Rafah)

was an expression of a popular rage and it is an evidence that despair has reached the climax and the siege cannot continue."

Israeli President Shimon Peres