MOBILE FAIR-Tellabs sees surge in demand for data products

BARCELONA, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Mobile network equipment maker Tellabs TLAB.O expects demand for its products that help network operators deal with high data traffic to grow at least 60-70 percent, its chief executive said on Wednesday.

“Tellabs 8600 and Tellabs 8800, those are our data products, grew in demand by 52 percent in 2009 ... this year we expect to see 60-70 percent at a minimum,” Chief Executive Rob Pullen told Reuters at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The products are designed to help mobile operators provide mobile and data services on 2G, 3G and 4G networks by integrating old and new technologies on a single plattform, which Tellabs says reduces capital and costs.

Pullen also said compared with 2009 the mood at the fair had improved.

“We are seeing cautious optimism that economies around the world are beginning to thaw,” Pullen said.

Tellabs was a healthy company with a billion dollars in the bank and no debt, he said. Asked if the company was looking at making acquisitions, he said, “While we don’t have any immediate acquisitions right now, we are open to further organic investment as well as acquisitions.”

On being a potential takeover candidate, Pullen said, “There have been inquiries over time but we are still a standalone company and we like it that way and so do our customers.” (Reporting by Nicola Leske)