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Rod Stewart stops asking fans if he's sexy

LOS ANGELES, Jan 11 (Reuters Life!) - The days when British singer Rod Stewart asked fans if they thought he was sexy are officially over.

British rock star Rod Stewart sings during the television show "Wetten Dass..?" (Bet it..?) in the western German city of Duesseldorf November 4, 2006. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

“I hate singing it,” said Stewart, 62, referring to his 1978 hit song “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy,” which he is omitting from his North American tour that starts this week.

“”Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” is gone. That’s gonna be gone forever. I always say that, but it seems to creep its way back in because people like it, right?,” said Stewart, who has seven children by five women and is about to marry for third time.

The gravel-voiced Stewart, who this month was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, spoke to Reuters recently:

Q: How much of a challenge is it each time to get yourself prepared mentally and physically for a tour?

A: “It’s hard vocally. That’s the hardest, is keeping your voice, really. The rest of it’s pretty easy. Just getting the right running order for the songs, knowing what songs to play.”

Q: Do you work out?

A: “Yeah. My trainer’s here somewhere. Every day, nearly.”

Q: Are there new songs on this tour?

A: “Yeah, eight new songs. And some we’re bringing back from the ‘80s ... They’re all off the last album, really. “It’s a Heartache,” “Still the Same,” “Father & Son,” “Crazy Love,” “(Have You) Ever Seen the Rain?.”

Q: You’ve said that your life is pretty busy outside of music and if you retired you’d have plenty to keep you busy. What do you mean by that?

A: “Mind your own business! Ha! Ha!

Q: Driving fast cars and having more babies?

A: “Nah, I don’t drive fast cars as much as I used to. I still own a fleet of fast cars, but I’m nowhere near as fast as I used to be.”

Q: Since you don’t write your own songs anymore, do you have a financial need to go out on tour?

A: “No, not at all. It’s not that at all. I probably wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t getting paid for it. I do enjoy it. It’s the one aspect of the business I enjoy.

I could do with more hours in the day, but I certainly wouldn’t want to retire. I’ll sing as long as I’ve got air in my lungs. As long as I’ve got hair on my head, I’m gonna sing!”

Q: With this tour, will there much of a change in the set list every night?

A: “More or less stick to the same set list. But it will change in the first week. Some troubles will be dropped, some will come in. It’s hard. You’ve gotta feel your way the first week, see what sort of audience reaction you get.”

Q: Any special guests?

A: “Nah, just me. Me and my band and my kilt.”

Q: After North America, will you go to Europe?

A: “Yeah. We’re playing Twickenham, and all big football stadiums in England.”

Q: So you’ll be on the road for the whole year?

A: “Well, I’m going to get married in the summer (to fiancee model Penny Lancaster who will be his third wife), and then I’ve got offers in for Australia, New Zealand, Mexico.

Q: Have you thought about writing your memoirs?

A: “Yeah, we’ve got many offers in, and it’s just finding the time to do it. A life well lived.”