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Cult rock band Green River to reunite for show

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Green River, the cult Seattle rock band that included future members of Pearl Jam and Mudhoney, will reunite in the summer of 2008, former guitarist Stone Gossard said.

Gossard, who went on to co-found Pearl Jam with Green River bass player Jeff Ament, confirmed rumours that the show would mark the 20th anniversary of their Sub Pop Records label.

“Pearl Jam has toured with Mudhoney, so we played with (former Green River members) Mark (Arm) and Steve (Turner),” Gossard told “But we haven’t played with Alex (Vincent) and Bruce (Fairweather) in quite a while. They’re both excited about it, from everything I’ve heard.”

Fairweather replaced Turner on guitar before the band’s first album was released in 1985, because Turner was reportedly not happy with the musical tastes of Gossard and Ament. After Green River’s demise in 1987, Turner and vocalist Arm reunited the following year to form Mudhoney.