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Daft Punk scores "Tron" soundtrack

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Daft Punk, the French electronica duo known for their robot personas, will compose the score for “TR2N,” Walt Disney Pictures’ update of its 1982 science fiction classic “Tron.”

The film, currently in production, is tentatively scheduled for a 2011 release.

The “TR2N” score marks Daft Punk’s first foray into the studio since 2005’s “Human After All.” After an extended hiatus, the duo reemerged in 2007 for an extensive world tour, spawning the Grammy-wining live set “Alive 2007.” The group’s 2001 track “Harder Better Faster Stronger” was adapted by Kanye West for his single “Stronger,” and the pair appeared at the 2008 Grammy Awards with the rapper.

The musicians, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, split their time between Paris and Los Angeles, where they have assembled a new recording studio for the TR2N project.

Daft Punk have worked in film before, most notably as directors of their feature “Electroma,” although that film used none of the group’s own music.

The original “Tron,” which pioneered the use of computer graphics, was scored by Wendy Carlos, an electronic musician and composer whose “Switched on Bach” album was one of the first to highlight the Moog synthesizer as a musical instrument.