Movie Review: Nanu Ki Jaanu

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REUTERS - At one point in Faraz Haider’s “Nanu Ki Jaanu”, a group of men are sitting around a table and having a serious discussion, when one of them starts sobbing for no obvious reason. The absurd moment is one that fits with the general tone of the film, where things happen without any rationale and no one has a clue about what is going on.

Why a once successful actor like Abhay Deol would consent to work in this hare-brained film is a mystery, but not as big a mystery as to why this type of movie gets made. A remake of the 2014 Tamil film “Pisaasu”, this comedy is unable to generate a single moment of genuine humour.

Deol seems especially out of depth playing an extortionist in suburban Delhi, where he and his gang of flunkies force homeowners to sell apartments at dirt-cheap prices by threatening them at gunpoint. Things change one day when Nanu (Deol) witnesses a road accident and fails to save the victim (Patralekha). The incident turns him into a softie and he is unable to work (threaten people). His friends accuse him of slowing down their operation; and to make matters worse, the ghost of the accident victim decides to haunt Nanu and make herself comfortable in his house. There are numerous half-baked plot points - a kidnapping plot, a domestic violence sub-plot and even a love story between Nanu and the ghost - which don’t add any value to the story. 

At 132 minutes, the film is 132 minutes too long and time seems to stand still as it meanders along before finally reaching its predictable ending. This is one of those remakes that should never have seen the light of day.