Turkey drops block on defence plan for Baltics - NATO chief

WATFORD, England, Dec 4 (Reuters) - NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that Turkey had dropped its block on a plan to bolster the defences of Baltic states and Poland against Russia.

He told a news conference after an alliance summit outside London that NATO leaders did not discuss the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which Turkey views as a terrorist organisation.

Ahead of the summit, Ankara had refused to back the NATO defence plan for the Baltics and Poland until it received more support for its battle with the YPG, including other alliance members recognising it as a terrorist group.

In a final press conference after the summit, Stoltenberg also said that NATO was in favour of dialogue and a better relationship with Russia, and believed that China should be part of future arms limitations or reductions talks. (Reporting by Robin Emmott Writing by John Chalmers; Editing by Luke Baker)