Christina Applegate cancer free after double mastectomy

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - “Samantha Who?” star Christina Applegate, 36, is free of cancer after having both breasts removed to combat the disease, the actress told a U.S. television news show on Tuesday.

Actress Christina Applegate (R), star of the ABC network series "Samantha Who", is interviewed by Robin Roberts on ABC's "Good Morning America" in New York August 19, 2008 in this video frame grab from ABC. REUTERS/

Applegate, who revealed her diagnosis for breast cancer earlier this month, had the double mastectomy performed a month after her diagnosis, she said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The actress, who stars on the ABC sitcom “Samantha Who?,” said she bore a genetic risk for developing breast cancer, and she said her surgery was meant to prevent the cancer she suffered in one breast from coming back. But she said it was difficult to have both breasts surgically removed.

“Sometimes, you know, I cry,” Applegate said. “And sometimes I scream. And I get really angry. And I get really upset, you know, into wallowing in self-pity sometimes. And I think it’s all part of the healing.”

Applegate also talked about her mother, Nancy Priddy, who survived breast cancer and helped support the film and TV star in battling cancer.

“She’s been sort of this quiet warrior in the back and has been a great support, and just telling me that I was going to be OK. And I knew I was going to be OK. I’ve watched her,” Applegate said.

In the interview with ABC, Applegate said she will have reconstructive surgery on her breasts in coming months, and she showed fans that her sense of humor has remained intact.

“I’m going to have cute boobs ‘til I’m 90,” she said.

The California-born Applegate rose to fame playing a ditzy daughter on the Fox network’s bawdy family sitcom “Married ... With Children,” and since then has starred in several movies and TV shows.

She won an Emmy, U.S. television’s top honor, for a guest role on “Friends,” and was Emmy-nominated for “Samantha Who?” playing an amnesiac trying to put her life back together.

Applegate told “Good Morning America” she is starting a charitable foundation to help women meet the costs of MRI exams, which is how her disease was discovered.

The actress also will appear on upcoming TV fundraiser “Stand Up to Cancer” singing alongside Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Sheryl Crow, who also has battled breast cancer.