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FACTBOX-Five facts about Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega

Jan 8 (Reuters) - Here are five facts about Daniel Ortega, the former Sandinista guerrilla who will be sworn as Nicaraguan president on Wednesday for the second time.

* Ortega comfortably won November’s presidential election against a divided right after 16 years in opposition. He promises reconciliation with former wartime foes and a battle against poverty. His election campaign song was a Spanish-language version of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.”

* Born in a rural mining and ranching town, Ortega studied law in the capital Managua but left to head the Sandinista student movement and edit a Sandinista newspaper. In 1967, he was arrested and jailed for seven years for robbing a bank to pay for weapons. He was later released in a hostage exchange and traveled to Cuba for guerrilla training before leading the Sandinista revolution in 1979.

* Ortega, now 61, married radical poet Rosario Murillo in 1978 in a clandestine ceremony conducted by a Spanish priest turned guerrilla fighter. He remarried her in 2005 to have the union recognized by the Catholic Church.

* Ortega and Murillo have three children together. One of Murillo’s daughters by a previous relationship, Zoilamerica Narvaez, alleges Ortega sexually abused her. The charges were thrown out by a Sandinista-affiliated judge but have never fully faded away and returned again in last year’s election campaign.

* After suffering a heart attack in 1994, Ortega was rumored to be receiving treatment in Cuba for chronic health problems.