Ghosn: would consider travelling to France with guarantees

PARIS, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, asked in a French television interview if he would be willing to face trial in France, says he would maybe travel if he knew he would not face problems at the border.

“If I had guarantees that there would not be problems at the border, I could go to France, I could go to Brazil,” Ghosn told France’s TF1. “(Lebanon, Brazil and France) are three countries that do not extradite their citizens.”

He earlier gave a wide-ranging news conference in Beirut following his dramatic escape from Japanese justice, where he said he had been treated “brutally” by Tokyo prosecutors and was the victim of a conspiracy to oust him from automaker Nissan.

Interpol has issued a “red notice” seeking Ghosn’s arrest. (Reporting by Benoit Van Overstraeten, Editing by Sarah White)