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Norway govt ahead with 95 pct of votes counted

OSLO, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Norway’s centre-left coalition government was headed to win re-election with a narrow majority in parliament, according to a projection based on a count of 95 percent of the votes in Monday’s vote.

The projection, by the Ministry of Local and Regional Government, showed the three-party coalition of Labour, the Socialist Left and the Centre Party would win 86 seats in the 169-seat parliament.

Opposition centrist and right-wing parties would win the other 83, it said. The red-green coalition of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has 87 seats in the current parliament.

Stoltenberg has not yet addressed supporters to say whether he is claiming victory. Norway’s complex system of proportional representation means some seats could still swing. Final results are due on Tuesday.

Reporting by Oslo newsroom