FACTBOX-Kansas governor tapped for U.S. health post

Feb 28 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will nominate Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius on Monday to run the Department of Health and Human Services, a U.S. official said.

Sebelius is Obama’s second choice to run the agency after previous nominee Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader, dropped out over tax problems earlier this month.

Following are a few facts about the Kansas governor:

* Sebelius, who was born May 15, 1948, is serving her second term as governor of Kansas. In both elections she ran with a former Republican on her ticket and has become known for her ability to appeal to moderate Republicans in the heavily Republican state.

* Sebelius became allies with Obama after he helped with her election to her second term in 2006. She served as a surrogate on the campaign trail for Obama in Ohio and elsewhere in his run for the presidency.

* In 1994, she was elected state insurance commissioner, a position she held for eight years. She gained a reputation for balancing the needs of patients and insurers.

* Her job at the federal health agency will include helping Obama establish plans to control soaring healthcare costs and provide healthcare coverage for some 46 million uninsured Americans.

* Sebelius was mentioned as a possible vice presidential pick for Obama before he selected Joe Biden.

* As head of the health department, Sebelius will oversee agencies including the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

* Conservative groups have complained about her support for abortion rights.

* Sebelius is married to Gary Sebelius, a federal magistrate judge, and has two sons.

* She grew up in Ohio where her father, John Gilligan, served as governor from 1971-1975. (Reporting by Carey Gillam and Lisa Richwine; Editing by Stacey Joyce)