Oddly Enough

Indian man held for stealing frozen sperm

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian police said on Tuesday they arrested a man for stealing dozens of frozen sperm samples from a laboratory in western India.

The arrest surprised officials at the sperm bank who say more samples could have been stolen over a period of time.

“We are caught in a very difficult situation, as we do not know how many samples have been smuggled out of the laboratory,” said Suryakant Hayatnagarkar, an official at Cryobank, a laboratory in Aurangabad city in Maharashtra state.

The Times of India newspaper reported on Tuesday that more than 100 samples were stolen from the sperm bank last week.

The man was arrested on Monday after a tip-off from doctors in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, where the stolen samples eventually landed.

Reporting by Bappa Majumdar; Editing by Valerie Lee