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Bosnian in legal row over cow falling in mass grave

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - A Bosnian farmer is locked in a legal battle over the death of his cow, which he says drowned in a rain-filled mass grave from the 1992-95 war that authorities failed to refill after exhuming the bodies.

The grave was exhumed last year, uncovering the remains of 50 Bosnian Muslims killed by Bosnian Serb forces in the war. The farmer said the cow was stung by a gadfly and in its distress ran into the hole that was full of water after heavy rain.

A court in eastern Bosnia awarded him compensation of 2,800 Bosnian marka ($1,930), but regional prosecutors, who are responsible for exhumations, appealed on suspicion of foul play.

“We think the cow might have been already dead and he thought he could earn some money off it,” prosecutor Mirsad Bilajac told Reuters.