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Nudist vows to hike on after jail

BERLIN (Reuters) - A naked German hiker has vowed to carry on rambling in the nude despite spending 10 days in jail for breaking public nudity laws.

Thomas Kranig, a spokesman for the administrative court in Ansbach, said Siegfried Grawert went to jail because he “refused to pay a fine of 500 euros assessed for violating the public nudity code.”

Grawert, a janitor, told a local German newspaper he planned to continue campaigning for the right to partake in organized all-natural hikes despite his troubles with the law.

Naked hiking has gained a following since the German Society of Nudists joined the German Sports Association.

Nude bathing is accepted and allowed in parts of Germany, especially on designated beaches on the Baltic Sea coast. But naked joggers have been fined in the past for running through forests wearing nothing but socks and shoes.

Reporting by Josie Cox